In the United Church of Christ the basic unit of authority, mission and ministry is the local congregation.  Every local church of the UCC is free to structure and govern itself in whatever way is most effective and faithful in its own context. At First Congregational UCC we have a five member Church Council, elected by the congregation.  The role of the Church Council is to establish and maintain mutual accountability between the Pastor and the Congregation, and to guide the day-to-day operation and administration of the church.

The current members of the Church Council are: 

Jim Wishau

Joe Storrs 

Mary Thompson

Pat Wager 

Tim Williams 2021 Church Council

 First Congregational is served by a capable, faithful staff. 

They include: 

Sandy Urankar, Office Administrator                   
Rich Loether, Facility Maintenance                 
Corinne Magnoni, Organist/Pianist
Heidi Doeberlein, Organist/Pianist